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Chris Brown Tour on Hold!-Melanie J

Hold on to your tickets because the Chris Brown tour featuring Trey Songz has been postponed! Due to Chris Brown’s criminal history, he will not be able to tour as expected for the lack of community service hours. January 26, 2015 he posted an apology to his Instagram account that is not deleted. The post read,

“I would first like to apologize to all the fans and people who have been supporters of me and all the music over the years. The beginning of the BTS tour has been moved to later dates now. The judge would not sign off on my travel to do the tour until I finish these last 100 hours of community service. I promise that I am busting my ass doing it everyday until it’s complete. This is the most disappointing news I’ve gotten in a while. Everything happens for a reason so I wanted to personally inform my fans. The show must go on. Out of 1000 hours I only have 100 left. I will work my ass off to complete it and I will be on that stage. Once again I’m sorry for the delay. I love yall! We will let yall know the dates that are changed. It’s not cancelled. Just moved around a couple weeks.”


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