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Ciara talks about he Failed Engagement with Future!

Earlier today, Ciara visited the breakfast club and got candid on...well everything! She talked about her failed relationship with future, her son, and of course the music! She also talks about her famous friends and says that Lala Anthony is her only famous friend! (What happened to Kim K?) Anyways check out her reponses below!

On Her Single, “I Bet”

That song is for every girl and even some guys in the world. That’s one of those topics everyone can relate to. We’ve all been there before, we’ve all had experiences, maybe a few experiences, when you’re like, ‘I bet you’ll start loving me when I keep it moving and get with someone better.’ I think it’s a song for every one–it’s beyond me, in a sense. It’s so great when I hear so many women and people talk about how this song inspires them. You would hope music would do that–give them some strength and encouragement to keep it moving when you need to.

On Her Failed Relationship with Future

You know what, I’m human and I went with love in that situation. You can be with someone that has no kids and can be biggest jerk in the world. You can be with someone that’s super wealthy and can be the biggest jerk in the world. So it doesn’t make him any different than the one who doesn’t have as much or doesn’t have as many kids. You can’t really call it. At the end of the day, I rolled with love. And, my son’s father, I really believe, had the greatest intentions to love me. And a beautiful thing came from that. That’s just how I see it: you can’t call it.

On Lessons Learned

You live and you learn. My son has given me so much clarity. Now, I feel like I’m a full-on woman. You don’t really understand what that really means until a few things happen to you in life, but, my son has totally given me so much clarity. And I couldn’t be any more clearer than I needed to be. And you know, I definitely know a lot of things that I don’t want. I really know. And I’m clearer about recognizing them when I see it. And I know things I do want and hope for. I won’t move or budge until I get it. I think that’s what happened with my son. I have to make the right decision. I can’t be up here like, oh, if an accident happens it happens. No, I have to kinda be 'for sure for sure' with things I do. Even down to business decisions. Everything I do affects him. I always say, ‘baby gotta eat and baby ain’t cheap’. I gotta make sure I’m making the best decision I can make to make the universe right for him. Of course, for me, too, but he just really is the force. He’s the reason why for me. I’ve always wanted to be successful, but my son now takes it to a whole other level. I really have to go out here and bust my butt and make it right.

On Jermaine Dupri's Comments That 'I Bet' Ripped Off 'U Got It Bad'

We are cool. Jermaine is cool, but Jermaine is an expressive person. Jermaine has always been expressive over the years. Really, guys, one thing about having a baby, you really don’t care about a lot of stuff. You be like, 'They say what now? Ok, cool, alright, well, so what we gonna do on this next video?' You don’t really have time to sweat stuff. If Jermaine walked through the door right now we’d hug right now. He’s an expressive person.

On Her Relationship With Other Women In The Busines

My closest friends? To be quite honest with you, there is really only one that is professionally known and that is Lala [Anthony]. I’ve known her probably eight, however many years now. My other closest friend in the music industry but isn’t famous is my make up artist and best friend Yolanda who I’ve known since I was sixteen years old. I’m pretty consistent with those ladies. I do have people I get along with but in reference to my closest friends who I really talk to everyday about super duper deep stuff, those are my two closest girls. Girls like Kelly [Rowland], I love her, she’s so sweet, we get a long very well. And our babies are growing up around the same time period’ it’s gonna be fun to see our babies grow. There’s also women like Janelle Monae, who, I don’t talk to her at all on the phone but every time I see her it’s love. One of my friends is actually an actress, Lily Collins, and she’s super sweet. But my two people I talk to everyday… I could name probably, I don’t know how many, pretty much every girl, from my perspective and my experience, I get along with. When we see each other, it’s always love… My friend circle is really small and I like it that way, but I do like getting along with the girls. I’m a girls’ girl, so when we are doing events, or like a stand up for cancer event where all of us girls got together and sang for something: Beyonce, Mariah, myself, Taylor Swift–whoever it is, it’s fun when we all get along and we always show love, Now, that, I do have, I feel like, with pretty much every girl for the most part.

On Marketing Her Music

It’s like a domino effect, you know. If you don’t have certain things set up around it, it does make it more challenging. I think the reality for me is I feel like I’m now getting my rhythm back. When I first started, I was able to keep it moving and moving and moving. Now, we’re finally able to get some things that are necessary to support the music that allows you to really promote and keep the whole journey going. As we know, this new day, it’s a bit more challenging and you have to work even harder to really sell records. Who knows what will happen with my album comes out this go ‘round. I’m very confident in my body of work. I feel it’s my best body of work to date and I can stand on that. I’m excited. We have my tour happening, which is going to be fun ‘cause I can present the music like I want to. I think, you can do everything you want to do, you’re job is done. Now, don’t get me wrong, I want to be successful. I can’t see it going any other way than up ‘cause I believe the body of work really speaks for itself.

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