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50 Cent Declares Bankruptcy...Days after he LOSES $5 Million Dollar Lawsuit!

As of this morning rapper and Entrepreneur "50 Cent" has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy! In court documents Curtis Jackson reported assets and debts in the range of 10- 50 million dolllars. Just days before 50 cent lost a lawsuit against Rick Ross' Baby Mama (Lastonia Leviston) over release of a sextape when a jury ordered him to pay her $5 Million to her. The Lawsuit stemmed from a 13 minute video that appeared online back in '09 featuring 50 cent wearing a wig prentending to be a narrator! Some may say that 50 Cent is now 5 Cent however, With Mr. Jackson Filing for bankruptcy, this means Ms. Lastonia Leviston gets nada, with his assets frozen. Smart guy indeed.

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