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Sequoia B. on Startup U!!

Sequoia Blodgett (Sequoia B.) is an upcoming star from the ABC hit show StartUp U. This is a reality show based on Draper University which is an entrepreneur mentoring program for those who want to start their own business. The program they go through will help to teach them the ends and outs of how to properly start a business and be successful. The student may be able to earn some financial support for their business as well. Sequoia B. attended Draper University a few years ago where she completed the program and also gained the financial and physical support of entrepreneur Tim Draper. She is an entrepreneur in residence at Draper University.

Sequoia B. first started her quest to find her purpose after being hospitalized in March of 2014. After finding out she was very sick with an infection from her spinal cord, she began to rethink her life and if she was exactly happy with what she had accomplished. Before the hospitalization, she was a music video director for 9 years working with artists like K. Michelle, Diggy Simmons and Justin Bieber. After becoming very sick, she then realized that she wanted to change her career path because she was not satisfied with what she had already accomplished.

She then decided to create a company which she called “Love Uncut” but later changed to “7am” which focuses on giving relationship advice. She then applied to Draper University and received a partial scholarship. While at the university, she thought “this should be a reality show” because it was such a unique program that allowed students from all over to work with other individuals to grow and build their businesses. She mentioned, “What’s different about the valley (Silicon Valley) that you don’t see in other industries is it is a very connected ecosystem. It’s like you if you get to a certain place and help the next person get to the next place because that’s how they keep bill flow going.” She choose to stay at the university as an entrepreneur in residence to help mentor students and “went in 110%” to help not only build the show but to help build the students as well.

When asked, “Do you one day hope to build your own empire? And how do you plan to make that happen? She answered with, “So, my empire is 7am, and I’m already building it. I’m super excited about it. It started off as an in-app download, and it was all about relationship advice. And personal development wasn’t the big focus at the time then fast forward to about two months down the line. I talked to the former CTO of, and he kind of told me that there was a bigger opportunity and I also saw a bigger opportunity in the self-pace learning platform place. So, I pivoted and now we're a development platform and so far so good.”.” She also mentioned how the site launched September 15 and they are now generating revenue.

I also asked her, “Is there a specific person or thing in your life that has kept you going as inspiration”? She answered with Tim Draper. “Tim is so inspiring to me because he just has this level of fearlessness that I have never seen before in my life. He can go into any room and just be comfortable.” She said that he’s very sure himself and having that type of energy around her makes her want to inspire others and do great as well.

Sequoia B. is on her way to greatness and further building her company. You can hear the enthusiasm her voice about her company and about her show. Catch on Startup U Thursdays on ABC Family and watch the Season Finale October 15. Please tweet along with Sequoia B on twitter @sequioab during the season finale using the hashtag #StartupU! Sequoia's websites are and and her Instagram is @sequoiablodgett. Check out the sneak peek to the season finale!

Photo Credit: Luc-Richard Photography

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