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Amber Rose Says "There Was Never A Reality Show"

Recently there have been many rumors regarding the cancellation of Amber Rose and Blac Chyna's upcoming reality show which was described as the two "baring it all" and would " focus on [the two women] taking care of their kids while juggling work." Some sources say the two simply pulled the plug due to busy schedules. Other sources, like Radar Online, claim that the cancellation was due to a recent truce made between Rose and Kim Kardashian. The most recent claim was brought up by TMZ in which they reported that the two besties were no longer friends, using Chyna's absence at Rose's recent SlutWalk as evidence. However, after taking to Twitter to squash the rumors of any beef, Rose also decided to address the show. She tweeted, "so how does one show get canceled if there is no show to cancel...Chyna and I never had a reality show." She then went on to blame the blogs for creating the false story in the first place. Now, the only thing we know for sure is that there is no show, at least for now. But the true question is, why let the rumors go on for so long if there was in fact "no show" from the jump? Was there really no show or did something happen behind the scenes causing Amber to try and save face?

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