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Tamar Braxton Rocks Out DWTS after being hospitalized for pneumonia!

Talk about SUPERWOMAN! Tamar Braxton triumphantly returned to the "Dancing with The Stars" stage after being rushed to the hospital just an hour before showtime! The judges based her first dance on dress rehersal footage giving her a 22 out of 30, noting that the score would've been higher if performed live.However, The Singer/ Television star made it right on time to perform her duet dance with backstreet boy Nick Carter getting a whopping 27 out of 30.

Not only did she make it back in time to perform, she also danced her way into the semi finals next week! And if you're one ofthose people wondering why she was not Kim Zolciaked, the rules state that judges are allowed to judge dress rehersals in place of live performances, in which Kim was not cleared to travel to perform at all. Can't wait to see Tamar hit the dirty 30 next week! Go Team Valentay! Check Out her triumphant return below!

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