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Ava Duvernay gets Doll!

Starting tomorrow award-winning writer, director, producer and distributor of independent film, Ava DuVernay will be up for sale, well kinda. This past April, Mattel launched its new Sheroes collection of Barbie dolls, which celebrates women who have inspired girls by breaking boundaries. Included in the collection is the talented director Ava DuVernay, director of the Academy Award nominee for best picture Selma. DuVernay’s doll is styled with a casual look of a black turtle neck and jeans and is posed sitting in her director’s chair. Originally there was only one copy of each "Shero" Barbie that was to be auctioned off to a specific charity chosen by the real-life woman being honored. But DuVernay fans across Twitter asked Mattel to consider mass-producing hers and it looks they agreed to do so. For a limited time this holiday season all of those little girls who wished there was a doll that looked like them can finally get their wish fulfilled. And according to Ava herself all proceeds will be sent from Mattel to and Color of Change and Witness Org

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