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LHHH Star Milan chats with a Divah

With Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood coming to an end with a mind blowing art 2 reunion, Cast member and game changing hip hop artist, Milan chatted with the Divah Filez about his experience and what he has going on.

1. How do you feel about being with a man this time around?

Milan: I've been with a woman before, but it was more of an experimental thing. Being with a man is natural for me. It feels natural because that is what I'm attracted to.

2. Are you and Miles still together at the moment?

Milan: No.

3. What/ Who helped you make a decision to go on to Love & Hip Hop?

Milan: Actually, I wanted to go for the show. The Atlanta producer for Love & Hip Hop, Karlos, invited me on. He felt as though it would be a great platform for me, being so that President Obama had just made gay equality available, and it was a pivotal thing for me. I thought it would be an excellent idea, so I did it! I didn't want to disappoint anyone, and I thank everyone for allowing me the chance to be on the show.

4. Anything you want to let your fans know that is going on with you in your career?

Milan: In my music career, I actually have a single out called, "When I Go", and it's available on iTunes. My album "Final Fantasy" will be coming out in January of 2016 as well! Plus, I do have something in the works for my own show, but I won't release any details about that just yet. I'll be working on the music video for my single, soon, so I'll release that once it's finalized as well.

5.What would you tell someone who is struggling to come out to their family and friends?

Milan: The one thing I can say is people should come out when they are comfortable and ready to. It is not an easy process at all, because friends and loved ones may not agree with your choice. But if you want to feel better about yourself, just come out with it, not care what anyone says.

6. How do you feel others portray you as on the LHH show?

Milan: I don't really know. I'm cool with a lot of the cast members such as Miss Nikki Baby, Ray J, Princess, and others. I talk to them all the time.

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