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Ayesha Curry Ruffles Some Feathers!

Last Saturday it seems professional chef Ayesha Curry sparked a huge debate among feminists after tweeting about her preference in clothing, more specifically her preference in wearing them. The topic of feminism is a highly controversial one due to the various thoughts and beliefs on what exactly the term “feminism” entitles. On one side of the spectrum we have the Amber Roses who have no problem baring it all and view female sexuality as acts of self-expression rather than invitations aimed at men. And on the other side we have the Ayesha Currys who prefer to “keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters”.

After sending the tweet Curry soon received many negative replies; claiming that she

was shaming women, tearing them down and one person even posted a picture accusing Curry of being a hypocrite (even though I’ve seen the picture…it’s a huge reach). However, she was equally greeted with positive ones that supported her opinion and some which pointed out the influence of social media celebrities such as Cardi B and Amber Rose herself. In the end, both sides and both women are entitled to their opinions and if you actually take the time to hear out both sides you would see that they actually have great messages and, though they use different methods, have the same goal of promoting self-worth within women and to terminate “slut shaming” all together. Of course we had to mention how cute Ayesha’s husband, Golden State Warrior Steph Curry, was for his Instagram post in support of his wife.

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