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Trump the Chump


As much as it makes my skin cringe writing about this person, I do feel that it is important to point out their ignorance once more. Recently, Donald Trump had one of his infamous Republican campaigns in South Carolina, he had a Muslim lady escorted because she was wearing a yellow star (in resemblance to the star Hitler had Jewish people wear during the Holocaust) and doing absolutely nothing. When escorted out she was asked why she attended the rally if she was not a supporter of Trump. Her answer was simply that most of Donald Trump supporters bash Muslims and Syrians due to the recent comments Trump has made, but majority of the supporters have never seen a real Muslim. They go off of biased propaganda created by the media making them in to terroristic monsters when they’re not. If Trump would get over his ego and faulty fame, maybe he can see humanity instead of color. His methods for his presidency is a lot like Adolf Hitler during the time Germany was in need. All of his campaign arguments are racially motivated and it is sickening that he is in the lead for this country. I personally applaud the Muslim woman for raising a voice without using her voice, and many other people should show up to his rallies and do the same. America is too progressed in it’s ways to go back to the ignorance it was founded upon; racial inequality. So my #blacklivesmatter protestors, keep on protesting, my people fighting for higher minimum wage, keep on fighting, students of color of PWI campuses, keep pushing for equal opportunities because you cannot let this system oppress you anymore. And for Trump the Chump, you do NOT have my vote.


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