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The Birth of a New Nation set a sale record!

The Birth of a New Nation set a new record at Sundance Film Festival has attained rights to the Nat Turner biopic for a whopping $17.5 million. The crowd rose to their feet to give praise to the director/star/writer Nate Parker before it was seen of his slavery drama, which centers its influential story on a slave, led by Nat Turner in 1831.

Born a slave in Virginia, Nat Turner was taught to read as a child and grew up to become a pastor. He had an easy-going relationship with his master, Samuel (Armie Hammer), and he was capable to marry a slave, Cherry (Aja Naomi King). But slave misuse amplified as plantation owners became more suspicious, including a savage Samuel.

On stage, Parker described most films dealing with slavery in the South as "desperately sanitized." Even though success found by new films 12 Years a Slave and Django Unchained, he spoke of a continuing "resistance to dealing with this material. So when the script goes out, people would read it as, they say, 'People won't want to see this. Another slave movie? Haven't we seen those?' "


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