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Toni Braxton Biopic brings in 3.6 Million Viewers!

The ratings are in, and Toni Braxton's Lifetime biopic Unbreak My Heart was a success! Toni Braxton's "Unbreak My Heart" brought in a whopping 3.6 Million viewers making it the highest rated lifetime debut! The movie was the most tweeted about program on television Saturday, with an 18% share of all Twitter TV activity. And you already know what was taking up much of that activity...the MEMES of course! We have to admit that Lex did nail the overall look of Toni Braxton and can we talk about baby face! Perfection! From the shade within the first 60 seconds about "Tamar always being flat," to Debbie Morgan coming for Angela Bassett's crown for the "Best Kick Your Cheating Ass Out" scene to that epic shade thrown at Towanda through the way they had Skye P. Marshall playing her....we loved every second. The casting was on point too -- Papa Braxton, Babyface, Tamar Braxton....nailed it!Overall, Lifetime didn't let us down. Congrats Toni!


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