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Tidal Donates Millions to Black Lives Matter!

February 5, the day Trayvon Martin would have turned 21,Tidal announced they would be donated a heap of money to the movement that became a catalyst from his death.

It is reported that they will be providing $1.5M from the 10/20 charity concert, October’s Tidal X, to support the movement of Black Lives Matter.

But that’s not all, they will also help fund Opportunity Agenda, Hands Up United, groups set up but he families of the police brutality victims, and many more.

Later this month, everything will take place through the New World Foundation, who help support com,unity activists around the world.

And it’s apparently not all Jay-Z’s doing… it’s reported that some of the artists under Tidal helped decide to know where to donate the money to.

Dania Diaz, the managing director of philanthropy at Roc Nation says they plan to support a different initiative every year.

“Our ideology is to have a level of consciousness in everything we do.” she said.


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