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Ciara Sues Rapper, Future, for $15M

As Twitter goes crazy this morning over the news, you can believe the hype.

Ciara is suing Future for calling her out on her mothering skills, and saying rude things about her relationship with new “hubby” Russell Wilson.

Future recently had a radio interview and he said, “She probably set him [Russell] up. You letting them catch that photo. Leave my son out of all the publicity stunts.” referring to a picture of Russell pushing Baby Future in his stroller.

But this is not the only interview Ciara has an issue with, apparently there are more that have struck a nerve in her. She doesn’t understand why Future would take to Twitter and rant on there either.

He has said, “This b**** got control problems .. I gotta go through lawyers to see baby Future… the f***ery for 15k a month.”

But Ciara says she goes out of her way t make sure Future can see her name and can recall at least 19 times since December of 2014 that Future has been around their son.

Ciara believes that Future is making comments with malice and is suing for public slander and libel. She demands to have all of his rude tweets to be deleted and wants him to not say anything regarding her new, private life regarding their child or Russell.

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