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Kanye West Rakes in over 1 Million Dollars at "Pablo" pop up shop In two days!

Last week, Kanye West hosted a "Pablo" pop-up shop at 83 Rooster St. in SoHo to sell pieces associated with his newest album, The Life of Pablo.The three-day shopping event allowed fans to get their hands on some of Yeezy’s designs that included sweatshirts, jean jackets, t-shirts, bomber jackets and more. It's reported, fans were limited to purchasing only two items each, but that didn't stop the dough from rolling in. Kanye constantly reminds us that he’s creating fashions for the masses, and he may be on to something if the numbers add up.Yeezus wentto twitter to claim he's made over one million dollars in just two days..

While his Wife Kim K and her sisters have been hyping the brand on snapchat, Kanye West credited his success to the paps...

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