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Kevin Hart to write Memoir !

Kevin will have his own memoir as soon as next year, telling an “anecdote-filled, inspirational” story about his upbringing. It will be about the forks-in-the-roads he had to overcome and everything in between that led to his successful life thus far.

Hart says, “My kids know I’m a big deal. They’re very aware. I let them know every day, I say, ‘Look, daddy’s a big deal.’ Now I’ll have a book out to prove it.”

Dawn Davis, the vice president and publisher of the Atria Publishing Group, says that Kevin Hart has a story that is sure to make a statement in a “wise, funny, and entertaining” kind of way.

As Kevin Hart continues to climb the ladder of success, be sure to watch out for him in other movies such as, Ride Along 2 and The Wedding Ringer. He also has a new movie coming out this summer in June, entitled Central Intelligence with actor, Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson.

And guess what else? The Real Husbands of Hollywood is set to premiere its third season, this September! You know Hart is the executive-producer, right? His name is literally everywhere and he is making sure to kept that way.

His book, From the Hart, is set to release some time around Father’s Day of 2017 according to USA Today, and we can’t wait to see what he has to say.

Congratulations, Kevin Hart!

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