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Male Contraceptive Is Coming in 2018!

Vasalgel, a reversible birth control injection for men, has tested positive for sale in 2018.

It has been made by the organization Parsemus Foundation and it has great features for those who decided to use it.

Vasalgel is a gel that gets injected in the male’s vas deferens, which is their ball sack. ice inside the system, it blocks sperm from leaving that area. It was first tested on rabbits, and it came out successful. 11 out of 12 rabbits tested positive to be “azoospermic” or completely without sperm in their semen for a whole year after the injection was put in.

In humans, they say that period could be even longer.

Elaine Lissner, the executive director of the organization says, “It seems pretty durable and we expect it to last for years.”

Also, it is hormone-free and also is reversible. So, once the injection is flushed, with a second injection, the sperm comes back full fledge with no problem.

As of right now, for the human trials, it will start later this year and will probably only last for six months. The only problem right now is funding.

Parsemus is planning to have more investors and everyone is confident that Vasalgel will have enough to make everything happen in a timely fashion.

“There are so many men who want this so badly… the support is going to be there.” said Lissner.

So, we’ll see what happens in 2018!

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