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EJ Johnson gets his own reality show!

Remember EJ Johnson? Magic Johnson’s son? Remember when he was on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills? Well, now he is getting his very own show, on E! Network.

According to the show is called EJ and the City. It’s supposed to be air in June, and the synopsis of the show is him being with his friends, as he makes his way through this crazy world we call life, trying to create and sign his own brand, and try to find his love life.

Many people are excited for the show and cannot wait for his new debut. On his first appearances on the first show, he was very open about pretty much anything. In 2014, he actual got weight loss surgery and then dropped 50 pounds after that.

EJ says that he’s been struggling with his weight ever since he could remember, and he wanted something that was permanent to get him in a good slid place. He also said he is glad that he did it.

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