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Future Files Counter suit Against Ciara, Calls her album a "Flop".

Well just when you thought things couldn't get messier between these two! It has been reported today by TMZ that Ciara's baby daddy Future, has counter sued her claiming he couldn't have diminished her reputation because her profile had already shrunk and her last award was in 2013..Welp. He even went so far as to calling her "washed up". Future, further demanded that Ciara not only stop bad-mouthing him to the press, but also cover the legal fees that he has incurred as a result of her initial lawsuit.

In February, Ciara sued Future, seeking $15 million in defamation and slander damages, citing the rapper’s past interviews and more recent Twitter rants against both her and her fiancé, football player Russell Wilson, as grounds for the case.

I guess that explains why Cici took it upon herself to not say his name when revealing the Billboard Award nominees a few days ago... Check it below!

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