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Beyoncé’s Ivy Park Clothing Line Is Nearly Sold Out Just After Launch!

Ivy Park, the “athleisure” clothing line co-founded by Beyoncé, has become available to shoppers after weeks of hype following the release of promotional videos and a new website. As of 1 a.m. Eastern time, the line was available to American Customers but by then, Bey-Mania had already taken over stores in the UK.

The collection has just over 100 pieces, with items ranging from $15 to $265, according to the Topshop website. While a few items are still available online, it may be difficult to get the size you want. For example, the Ivy Park Bodysuit, one of the collection’s most recognizable pieces, is sold out completely on Nordstrom’s website, but available in extra-small, small, and medium over at Topshop online.

Seeing as high-profile celebrity-endorsed fashion lines have sold out almost immediately, only to pop up and command a premium on resale sites, it’s unsurprising the same thing is happening right now. The same bodysuit mentioned above, which has a normal list price of $50, is fetching three times that at a whopping $150 on eBay.

Not everyone is happy with Ivy Park itself, mind you. In addition torumored site crashes and high prices, some shoppers are angry over the actual sizing of the clothes.

But if you didn't get your Ivy Park it's no worries. Ivy Park will be available year round since this is not a limited edition endorsement deal but rather a long term partnership.


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