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Rosario Dawson Arrested In DC

Dawson is most known for her roles in movies such as RENT, Sin City, and more. But she is also well known in the activism community. This past Mondayhundreds of Protesters assembled on the steps of the US Capital for a political sit in. The demonstration was the first part of a series of "Democracy Spring" protests planned in Washington this week by a coalition of groups. The arrested protesters are pushing for a series of legislative actions, including the passage of four bills aimed at reducing “the influence of money in politics” while seeking to “expand and protect voting rights.” According to reports, over 400 protesters were arrested and among the large group was Rosario herself. She was arrested for crowding, obstructing or incommoding after crossing police lines during the protest. While she was not handcuffed, Dawson was given a ticket for a $50 fine and was processed on site.

"This is a tremendous issue and I'm really grateful that I could be here and be a part of it," the 36-year-old actress told reporters following her arrest. "I wanted for me, personally, to be in solidarity with the people who put themselves on the line."

This is not the first time she's had a run in with the law during a political event either. Previously in 2004 she was arrested for protesting against former President George W. Bush. Dawson has since been released and following her release, she simply tweeted, "Sit in, sit down, stand up... Whatever it takes! #NotMeUs #VoteTogether #DemocracySpring #DemocracyAwakening"

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