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Misty Copeland's Barbie Doll!

Guess who is the special person for Barbie’s “You Can Be Anything” campaign?

Misty Copeland! You can go get her doll today, on Barbie’s website!

As you know Misty Copeland is a an African American ballet dancer who is now a principal ballerina with the American Ballet Theatre. Copeland travels all around being graceful and doing what she loves the most- dancing. She inspires girls all around, and now that she has her own Barbie doll, it definitely won’t stop her success from counting to shoot out the roof.

“It’s just so exciting for this generation of kids to be able to see a Barbie that has muscles and brown skin and a bust and things, and for her to be a ballerina,” Copeland states. She also commented on the fact that her and Mattel made sure her nose was little bit “wider than Barbie’s actually is” and that her “lips were fuller” to give her a more realistic feel, to a child.

The doll is dressed in Misty Copeland’s Firebird dance costume and is said to be an “extremely flexible” doll, so she can be posed in multiple ballot positions. To help with this. Mattel took pictures of Copeland and sent the prototypes of the functions to her.

Copeland shares her fond memories of growing up and playing with a Barbie herself and how she cannot wait to share her doll with the many girls who were just like her very soon. She states that she’s excited for girls to “see themselves” in the doll and that “with the right mindset and work ethic, you can do anything and the color of your skin, your body type, where you come from, shouldn’t hold you back in any way.”

Misty is set to start her principal dancer role on May 9 with he American Ballet Theatre and we know she can do it. She leaves with saying, “ I don’t think I really understood the responsibility of what it means to carry an entire company on your shoulders, I think it’s going to be a conversation the ballet world is having forever”

She has so many things in store and you can read more about it here

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