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Muhammad Ali's Funeral Details!

Believe it or not, Muhammad Ali had written out how he wanted his funeral plans to go in very vivid detail.

Timothy Gianotti, an Islamic scholar who helped design the Great Ali’s funeral services, said,

“The love and reverence and the inclusivity that we’re going to experience over the coming days is really a reflection of his message to the people of the planet Earth.”

“The Champ” wanted everyone to be able to attend his services and he wanted to make everyone happy. He didn’t want anyone to grieve over him, he wants to be praised. On the day of the funeral, in Louisville, Kentucky, they will carry Ali’s body across his hometown, riding past the museum that was built in his honor, and even going through his childhood neighborhood.

Mayor Greg Fischer states, “Our job now, as a city, is to send him off with the class and dignity and respect that he deserves.”

Some of the people who will be attending the funeral include Will Smith, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Billy Crystal and others.

Former President Bill Clinton is delivering the eulogy and even Will Smith and Lennox Lewis will be pallbearers.

Not only is the funeral set out in style, the people of the city are doing things in his honor as well.

The Muhammed Ali Center stopped charging people for admission and a downtown bridge will be lit up in red and gold in honor of his red gloves and his gold medal.

There will be a funeral at the KFC Yum! Center, and on the day before, the people of Islamic faith will get to have a traditional goodbye at a Jenazah, (traditional Muslim funeral) at Freedom Hall.

Everything for the Muslim funeral is “critically important for the global Muslim community to say goodbye to their beloved champ.”

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