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Nick Young's Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out About Pregnancy

Despite what happened with Nick Young and Iggy Azealea’s break up, Keonna Green is continuing on with her life as if everything is okay. Keonna Green is Young’s ex-girlfriend, who is now 22-week pregnant. She was ONLY selling her side of the story to US Weekly and meant that, but thanks to B. Scott, we have a quick, inside look of what she had to say about some parts of what happened.

Green explained that her and Young met back when they were in high school, and they were pretty much a power couple. She, the captain of the cheerleading team, and he, the captain of the basketball team. Back then, things were different, and she felt as though her and Nick were almost on the same level… Now, it is the opposite. She is “just the mother of his child” and nothing more.

As they got older, they continued to date and she even had plans of wanting marry him, thinking that he was “the one”, but as we see, that did not happen. They still have a bond though, as we clearly see.

When Iggy came into the picture, she stated that she found out through TMZ, and her and Nick weren’t so good at first but for the sake of her son and her relationship between them two, she made it work. But from there on out, being with her son, Nicholas and having to maintain a healthy relationship with Nick Young, they reconnected romantically. She said she tried to tell him to speak up about with Iggy but Young would respond with, “I don’t want to hear it”. So, it never went any further than that, vocally. Even Keonna herself tried to tell Iggy, but she never responded back.

Now the pregnancy was unplanned, and she thought she was just having back problems. She went to the doctor to check and see how everything was, and the doctor just said plain as day, “There’s nothing wrong with your back, but you’re pregnant.”

Nick has been very supportive of the new baby, but of course he was shocked.

Now, Keonna is giving him his space but she sates that they have not spoken of the future plans with this new addition but if he were to come back into her life and say he wanted to work it out, she would make it work. But if not, regardless, she has a baby girl to take after and she will do that whether she’s with him or not.

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