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Actress, Issa Rae Helps Raise Money for Alton Sterling's Children

Actress Issa Rae, from YouTube with the web series, “Awkward Black Girl”, decided to start a scholarship campaign to raise college funds for Alton Sterling’s kids. She started the #AltonSterlingFamilyScholarship yesterday, and in less than 21 hours she was able to raise $325,000.

Now, even though Issa has no personal relationship to the family, she sole did it because the situation made her “sympathetic and empathetic”. Since then, the campaign has grown to over 11,000 donors and has been shared 31,000 times on Facebook & Twitter.

The family is aware of the GoFundMe account and because everything is so overwhelming at the moment, Issa Rae will be following up with them Friday.

As of right now, many people say that they suggest her to set up a college savings plan with all the money or a tax-advantaged college savings plan for the children of five.

But as of today, the amount of money changed is at $520,000 with over 17,000 people donating.

If you would like to donate, you can go to the GoFundMe page below.

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