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Black Panther Character Rundown!

Comic Con 2016 is in full fledge and as all my Blerds out there know the Marvel Studios panel is always one to watch. This year was no different as we were presented with numerous trailers and teasers, as well as reveals to what we can expect to come as far as future projects. The thing we (my fellow Blerds and myself), are most excited about is none other than the big reveal of the official cast of Black Panther! We were all made aware of Chadwick Boseman as he made his MCU debut appearance as T’Challa aka THE Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War.

A few months back it was announced that Michael B. Jordan and Lupita N’yongo would be joining the cast and was confirmed by Jordan himself. We can now welcome one more as The Walking Dead’s Danai Gurira was just revealed at the panel. Now everyone who knows Marvel knows that the studio enjoys keeping things hush hush, and while we don’t know much about the movies we can certainly give a quick rundown on the confirmed cast’s characters. Now we already know that T’Challa (Boseman) is the new King of Wakanda following the events of Civil War, so not much is needed to know about him. Jordan is set to play the film’s villain, Erik Killmonger. Killmonger is a native of Wakanda, born under the name N’Jadaka. After an attack made on Wakanda with the involuntary help and death of N’jadaka’s father, his entire family was exiled. N’Jadaka ended up in Harlem, New York, with a growing hatred against Ulysses Klaw, the man behind the attack and his father’s death, and T’Challa, the king who’d exiled him. He changed his name to Erik Killmonger and studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, desperate to avenge his father’s death. Nyong’o and Gurira are set to portray Nakia and Okoye, high ranking members of The Dora Milaje. The Dora Milaje are the personal bodyguards of the Black Panther, recruited from every tribe of Wakanda.

In addition with their protective function, they are also a pool of superior Wakandan women. An ancient tribal tradition, the Dora Milaje were assembled as potential queens for an unmarried king, maintaining the peace in Wakanda by ensuring that every tribe has the opportunity to put forward one of their daughters for the crown. The daughters of Wakanda, Nakia and Okoye, became the first Dora Milaje to serve under T’Challa. As far as the official plot of the upcoming film we must sadly wait until Black Panther hits theaters on February 2, 2018. However with Ryan Coogler behind the camera and these talented individuals in front of it, we know it’s about to be lit!

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