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Toya Wright Files for Divorce from Memphitz

Toya Wright and Mickey “Memphitz” Wright are finally starting the process to file for divorce.

A few details, exclusively, from the Jasmine Brand report that Toya made the first move to do so a few weeks back this month, and they signed pre-nuptials as well.

They have been married for 5 years but due to the relationship being “broken” there is no “break up make up” for them in the future.

We saw a little bit of their issues on the the reality show, “Marriage Boot Camp”, but Toya explains how even though that filmed last year, they had already begun the process to moving on from each other.

And according to their financial reports, they are both good on money when they divorce…. you can see the outline on the or

We hope they come to a peaceful conclusion when they arrive in court…

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