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Draya Michele Will Have Tell-All Netflix Documentary

Now, we all love Draya’s juicy and feisty ways, but there’s probably a reason she is the way she is. Or not. Who really knows. But this tell-all Netflix series is all about the young 31-year old explaining that everything is not always what it seems like and she wants to just set the record straight with a few things. She stated, “There are things that people know about me that I would like to dig deeper into,” and if you follow her on Snapchat, you definitely see she has no problem with keeping it real with her viewers.

Just a few things that try to darken up her skies are the fact that she has that one arrest of neglecting her then, 12-year-old son, Kniko and her being “an unfit mother”.

Since the whole incident, Draya has gotten custody of her now, 12-year old son and spends ample amount of time with him and her new beau, Orlando Scandrick of the Dallas Cowboys, along with their new son together, Jru. She tries to put the past behind her as she manages to change her image up to the media and focus on herself, but some people just have a hard time letting go.

Draya explains that she struggled with understanding why people couldn’t just let it go altogether and then just decided to say she’s going turkey and taking us on a journey of her birth all the way until now, as a 31-year-old mother of two with a lot to say. Who knows, maybe it will finally put some things to rest, but maybe it won’t. At least we know, Draya is here to stay and knows how to keep the ball rolling at all times.

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