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"Cutting It"with Natural Hair Guru Mushiya!

The Divah Filez had the pleasure of speaking with "Cutting it in the Atl" star and natural hair guru Mushiya! In this interview she talked about the hit show, natural hair tips and tricks and of course her heritage and how that has shape her into the woman she is today!

Aja: Thank you so much for interviewing with us today! Being that you were raised in Congo, how did that shape your outlook on life and ideal of beauty?

Mushiya: that’s a very good question. Being from Congo shapes my ideal of beauty tremendously. I was raised to believe that black is absolutely beautiful and black is gorgeous. My father and mother taught me to love myself and they taught me that my natural hair was beautiful when I came to this country it was kinda of a shock to realize that it was so many people who didn’t love themselves because they thought they were to dark or thought their hair was to kinky. I grew up knowing that black is powerful so I always was confident in who I am and I realized it was a gift that I had to share with others.

Aja: Why do you think it's so important to have salons such as yours that cater Black Women, more specifically natural ones?

Mushiya: its very important to have a salon to have like my mine because we don’t just do hair, we do life. We teach women to embrace who they are and how God made them and teach them how they can become sophisticated, corporate, high fashion in their natural.

Aja: How did you know the hair business was for you?

Mushiya: I didn’t know the hair business was actually for me I think the hair business knew that I was for it. And I say this because I never liked to do hair. You can look at my bio right now it says I do not like to do hair what I love is the transformation I love to take a woman who may look at herself and may not love herself and when im done transforming her what I change into her life keeps me in this industry it’s not about the hair it’s the platform that’s been giving to me to instill and to create change and to build a woman that’s what I love.

Aja: What are some tips you can give to someone aspiring to get into the hair business?

Mushiya: the hair business is a business that is such an improve women will do their hair forever. Its an industry that has a lot of things for everyone. Find your niche, find who you are and just run with it there is no rules you have to make up your own rules and people will follow and when you have an inspiration to do something you have to stick to it believe in yourself and everyone else will believe in you.

Aja: What can we expect from you in 2017?

Mushiya: Oh you can expect a lot of great things. My mission is to always build to transform women and to inspire women I have spent a lot of time in this industry programing women so whats new 2017 is that I will be releasing a product that rather than transforming our women I will help build the children of our future im producing a black doll, with black skin, and kinky hair im super excited about it

Aja: What are some of the top tips you can give about being natural?

Mushiya: Top tips about being natural number 1 is just wear the shit out of your hair don’t worry about what someone is going to say. Having natural hair is the confident and the walk in which you walk in it. The second thing is natural hair is very difficult from perm and straight hair and so you need to learn how to actually treat natural hair because they both grow texture of different types of treatments its not always the best to treat natural hair by going to a university or on youtube you must go to a professional who has learned and experience dealing with natural hair and learn how to do it from there from them. We actually offer training classes and its on our website We help stylist and consumers learn natural hair

Aja: Can you tell me more about your hair care line, "Runway Curls"?

Mushiya: Runway Curls! Runway Curls was created because a lot of people has been going natural underneath not being able for people to be going natural overneath. Instead wearing straight hair that doesn’t look like our hair I wanted to creat a hair line that was flexible for who we are. So Runway Curls is a curly kinky hair line. The hair is great great great hair we have everything from blended hair to 100% virgin African textured hair. The hair can be bought online we have everything from wigs to clip ins to lace fronts everything that a woman need to wear extensions that will look and feel like our hair.

Aja: How do you embrace your heritage/culture, whilst being in the USA?

Mushiya: I think black and loving that I am black.

Aja: With being on "Cutting it in the ATL", do you think it helps shed light on you and your business personally?

Mushiya: Absolutely TV is an international platform that’s an amazing platform that I have been blessed with not all people have that blessing it brings exposure to everything I aim to do in life as I said help women to embrace who they are and the marketing and the branding.

Aja: Last season, you ended the season with some bumps in the road with LaKenya, how has your relationship with her evolved ?

Mushiya: That’s one question you asked so im going to separate it into two parts. The first part is you said I ended with some bumps in the road you probably mean mistakes I don’t believe in bumps I don’t believe in mistakes I don’t believe in stuff like that I believe in lesson and I believe that everything happens for a reason so bumps never happens in my road. The second part is how has the relationship evolved with her when it comes to anything with Mushiya in the damn salon I always aim to grow and in my relationship with LaKenya I aim to help her grow I grow while teaching other people how to grow you can teach somebody and then you just want them to hopefully take what they can from what to teach them and keep growing

Aja: On your instagram, you said you don't deal with negativity and the backlash that comes with you being just you, how can you help others stray away from that negative energy?

Mushiya: By never entertaining it when you entertain negative energy you give it life so when negative energy comes your way just don’t even see it you have no choice but to leave after that my point is that people always have to have a clapback I don’t clapback my hair claps back my business claps back my opportunities clapback my blessing clapback I don’t need to say shit

Aja: Is there anything you would want to tell your younger self?

Something that you wish you knew before rather than later.

Mushiya: Because of my philosophy and my train of thought everything has its time I believe everything that I ever known at the time that I have known it was the right time for me to know it. Period point blank. So there is something that I would say learned earlier so forth no everything happens where it’s supposed to happen and if you let energy and life go that way your pulling in doors and opportunities will open and life will be so much better for a lot of people if they felt that way.

Aja: What makes you truly happy?

Mushiya: I have a few things that im going to put in order. Number one is just family. Family just makes you laugh being with your loved ones being with people you care most about there is nothing more exciting than that and then another one is food. Food is so good I don’t eat nasty food I eat good food and what we put in our stomach some people eat to live I don’t eat to live I llive to eat which means I only eat great things.

Aja: Thank you Mushiya so much for this interview.

Mushiya: You are so welcome

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