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Kylie Jenner’s Outfit Is Turning Heads...Again!

There are a lot of people who are not big fans of the Kardashian and Jenner sisters because they are viewed as appropriators or in other words culture vultures. They have constantly caused controversy because of their surgical cosmetics that are similar to black features and for wearing cornrows in their hair and calling them by a different name. The sisters have caused an uproar between black women because while they get praised for having black features, black women get the exact opposite treatment.

Saturday Kylie once again caused controversy and got a lot of back lash for wearing a du rag at Jonathan Simkhai’s 2017 spring show for fashion week in New York City. A du rag is a head wrap that is traditionally worn in the black community. Of course pictures of Kylie Jenner in the du rag were shared by several angry people and they drug her under the bus. Vann Newkirk, writer and founder of a Twitter movement #DuragHistoryWeek, explained the importance of the head wrap within the black community with BBC. “The durag has a special place in African-American and global black history as a head wrap,” he said. “Lots of folks use durags, while other folks may not quite know what they are.”

Clearly Kylie does not care what people have to say because back in 2016 she received back lash for wearing a Louis Vuitton du rag. Kylie constantly deals with these issues and has tried to assure people that disrespecting the black community is never her intention.

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