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AubRih Is Over

Drake and Rihanna have officially called it quits only a few months after the rapper professed his love in front of millions at the VMAs. According to reports the split was due to time conflicts, not any outside conflict. However, rumors have been flying around involving both infidelity on Drake's part, as the Canadian native has recently been spotted (and allegedly hooking up with), The Game's ex, model India Love and constant infatuation with Nicki Minaj during relationship with Rihanna. Reports say that even now following the split, Drake has been reaching out to Nicki for comfort. Much like their relationship, the split seems to be remaining fairly lowkey. Rihanna has recently taken time off to fly back home to Barbados and spend some time with friends and family. Chances are we won't be seeing these two together again in the future much like another relationship that Rihanna once was apart of (cough cough Chrianna). Rihanna isn't looking for any kind of romantic relationship right now. She was reportedly only "having fun" with Drake and definitely doesn't want to open her heart back up to Brown, who she has credited as her first real boyfriend/love, even if it is to make Drake jealous. As far as friendship though, she says she is all for it with either parties.


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