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Raven-Symoné to Create a "That's So Raven" Spinoff Show!

Raven-Symoné is definitely making a turn around for the people of all audiences this year. She is planning to leave the daytime talk show “The View” to develop a spinoff of our old-time favorite, “That’s So Raven” for Disney Channel!

As many people might think Raven’s departure of the show will be a surprise, it really isn’t. After the removal of Tamar Braxton, the show has had multiple hosts and hostesses, and Raven even only started appearing about once or twice a week.

One reason for that being that the talk show is veering more towards the political side of things, and we all know that’s not Raven’s cup of tea, so she was less prominent.

Her absence has already been announced on the show this morning..

The actress will be moving from New York to Los Angeles and will play the star, “Raven Baxter” and be the executive producer of the comedy.

The teaser of what is to come, is that Raven is a divorced mother of two pre-teen kids. And guess what? One of the children have her abilities to see into the future.

Adam Bonnett, executive VP of Disney Channels Worldwide said that Raven brings a lot to the table and she can be “timeless”.

“Raven’s brilliant style of fearless comedy was a driving force for Disney Channel’s success around the world. Her performance in ‘That’s So Raven’ is timeless. We now have our eyes on the future with her, and we’re looking forward to telling more stories for a new generation with an adult Raven Baxter raising her young family.”

Statistics wise, “That’s So Raven” was Disney’s FIRST multi-camera comedy and it had the highest ratings on the network. Even after the show the ended, it averaged over 1.1M total viewers.

Can’t wait to see a promo video for this new spinoff. And congrats Raven!

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