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Evelyn Lozada is Returning to BBWLA!

We know you’ve seen the videos of former “Basketball Wives LA” star, Evelyn Lozada say that she is indeed returning to the show for Season 6, and we couldn’t be any more confused honestly. Most people say that they are unhappy with her returning due to the fact that she has been doing so well without the drama that the show brought to her and her family. But to set the record straight, Lozada went on the daytime television show, “The Real” to dispel any rumors.

When asked why Lozada was returning to the show, she stated,

“I’ve had several conversations with Shaunie (creator of “Basketball Wives”) about this and we just really want to change the direction of the show. I feel like a lot of the arguments and a lot of the storylines, you know, have been done before,” … “We really want to add substance and depth to the show.

Oh, you didn’t realize she was on “The Real” either?! Well, she also took to Instagram to surprise her fans with her being a co-host on “the View”-like show from December 5-December 9! Below you can view the video of the segment teaser "The Real" posted.



And if you’ve been on Instagram lately, you might have seen that Lozada isn’t the only new person on the new season. Some new faces that you might see are that of Nick Young’s ex and now, baby mother, Keonna Green and Dwayne Wade’s baby mother Aja Metoyer. Why them? Well, Green is notable for her being the woman who became pregnant by Young while he was engaged to Iggy Azelea and she’s the reason they broke off the engagement. Metoyer is special because she is the one who had a baby by Wade while he and Gabrielle Union-Wade were on “break”… so can you imagin the season now? But how can they fit all these woman together with the OG’s and the newbies?

Apparently, there are rumors that Shaunie has decided to let Brandi Maxiell, Malaysia Pargo, Angel Brinks, Angel Love, and DJ Duffey go…

As of right now, there is no release date for the new season, but we definitely can’t wait to see how this will play out.

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