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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Update Coming Soon.

As you remember earlier in the year, customers were complaining

of their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding in their hands or back pockets. Later, the United States started banning the phones from even being on an airplane, meaning that you couldn’t even travel with the phone.

Well, now Samsung is preparing to launch an update for the Galaxy phone that will stop the device from being able to charge, making it an ineffective phone to have.

They plan to roll this out on December 19 of this year (2016), but users are just encouraged to power the device down or participate in getting a refund for the phone or exchange it for something else.

It is being said that when customers include themselves in this recall they will receive a credit for themselves:

  1. Receiving $100 credit if you exchange the Galaxy Note 7 for another Samsung phone.

  2. Receiving additional $75 credit to customers who have already traded in their phones.

  3. Receiving $25 credit for customers who get a refund for the phone or trade it in for another brand.

So, you still benefit from having to turn this phone in. If there are questions about this recall or the refund, you can reach someone at 1-844-365-6195.


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