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Katherine Johnson Gets Her Own LEGO Figurine

The movie Hidden Figures has really been setting the bar around the world and receiving so many accolades. The movie that is based off of a group of amazing African-American women, in the 60s, working and making breakthroughs at NASA, has grossed about $150M.

The women who helped make this movie come to life: Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae have done a lot to help make this movie a success, not only by taking on roles of real women who made this world of men a different place but by also buying out movie theatres for people to see the screening and even bringing the real Katherine Johnson (played by Henson) to honor her.

Aside from this past weekend with the awesome Oscar win, now Johnson is getting her own LEGO figure, along with other influential women in the NASA program called “The Women of NASA”.

This whole ordeal came about when there was a LEGO Ideas competition this year, that takes place every two years and fans submit their lego sets. Well, the set won! Thanks to Maia Weinstock, a science writer and Deputy editor at MIT News.

It’s amazing that women are continuing to break the “mold” that they are placed in, and taking a moment to another level. We want to congratulate Ms. Johnson on her achievements and on her new LEGO figurine.

Women honored with a figure: Scientist, Margaret Hamilton; astronaut, physicist and educator, Sally Ride; astronomer, Nancy Grace Roman; and astronaut and physician, Mae Jemison.

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