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Nike's Ongoing Expansion

Thanks to Nike, more women will be able to work out comfortably! The multinational brand launched a new clothing line for plus size women, with sizes ranging from 1X-3X (sports bras even go up to 38E). Helen Boucher, Nike’s Vice President of women’s athletic apparel, states that, “Strong is the keyword for us, size doesn’t matter”. The brand will house over 200 products, which will include athletic shirts, jackets, pants, and shorts. Nike is the first athletic apparel brand to announce plus size clothing and it is better late than never; women everywhere are keen on sporting exercise wear that actually works for their figure.

To add to the hype Nike plans to move their expansion to the Middle East. The company revealed Pro Hijab for Muslim athletes, and the release is set to be in spring 2018. The average hijab will cost around $30. Hijab-wearing athletes are becoming increasingly common among a lot of sports, which makes this release a big deal. Many critics imply that the move is a game-changer and it gives voices to Muslim women who have been kept out of sports for so long. The Pro Hijab release makes a political statement for Nike without even trying to.


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