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Rosé Subscription Service? Yes & Yes!

Disclaimer: If you are not 21 years old and up, this message is not for you.

If you have a taste for the sweet taste of the pink wine called Rosé, Summer Water Societé was made just for you. It’s a subscription service like the monthly boxes you can get from brands called Birch Box, Beautycon or FabFitFun where you can get makeup, hair products, skin care and fitness tools. The difference? With Societé, you’ll get cases of ROSE´.

Who came up with this beautiful creation? An Instagram account by the name of Yes Way Rosé. It started out as just an account that loved summer-y feels and the crisp wine, but now they’re an actual wine distribution company. They say the number 1 rule of Summer Water Societé is to never run out of Summer Water = Rosé.

How does it work? You sign up for a membership on the Societé website, and you pay $350 up front, then you will receive 3 large bottles (which equals about 9 and a half liter bottles for the summer according to Cosmopolitan ) of the drink. With the drop box, you also receive one “swag gift” which could be a hat, a towel, or a cute S’well “Summer Water” bottle.

If you think it’s a lot, think about how much ONE bottle of Rosé costs anyway. Thought about it? Okay.

Will you be purchasing one?

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