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The "Get Down" On Netflix, Canceled.

After only one season of the modernized hip-hop love tale, Netflix is pulling the plug on its original series, The Get Down.

The musical drama television series introduced viewers to the early stages of hip-hop and disco through a group of talented and underappreciated teenagers from the Bronx, New York. Known as The Get Down Brothers, Shaolin Fantastic, Ezekiel, Raa-Raa, Miles, and Dizzee all strive to master the secrete to DJ-ing and hosting rousing disco parties around the area of New York.

Although no one has fully communicated with its viewers why the show won’t see a season 2, Variety reports that creator, Baz Luhrmann’s drama about the early stages of hip-hop caused production problems from the start. Luhrmann is also working on another series that is evidently more important to him than The Get Down. It is also said that The Get Down was the most expensive series to produce in Netflix history. With each individual episode priced at $7.5 million, the total production cost of the series was an estimated $120 million. The show also never got the viewership of Netflix staples such as Orange is the New Black and 13 Reasons Why, which also could’ve lead to the cancellation of the show.

Many fans are outraged and heartbroken knowing that they won’t get to see a continuous story of where season 1 left off. They’ve created the hashtag #RenewTheGetDown on twitter in hopes to get the Luhrmann’s attention.

Luhrmann wrote a post on Facebook concerning his other obligations by saying, "This exclusivity has understandably become a sticking point for Netflix and Sony, who have been tremendous partners and supporters of the show," he said. "It kills me that I can’t split myself into two and make myself available to both productions. I feel so deeply connected to all those who I have worked and collaborated with on this remarkable experience."

Justice Smith who played Ezekiel Figuero tweeted, “The Get Down had a powerful effect on me while filming and I’m glad it affected all of you in a similar way. Thanks for all of your love and support.”

Herizen Guardiola who played Mylene Cruz also released a statement on social media saying, “I know that you are all sad about no longer being able to see the lives of the characters that have become special to you continue, but they live on in your hearts, and the real people that brought these characters to life are still here and are so grateful for this wonderful two-year journey.”


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