Living Single Might Get a Reboot!

Reboots of our favorite throwback shows seem to be the new current trend. We’ve been gifted Fuller House, a Gilmore Girls spin off, Raven’s Home, and many more. But to bless us even more, Queen Latifah has hinted that a Living Single reboot is in our near future. Living Single was a huge moment for black representation on the silver screen. The series brought us six black single friends who lived together in New York, navigating through life and love.

On an episode of E!’s Watch What Happens Live, Queen Latifah confirmed the plans on a reboot. Earlier in the year, a caller asked to see if Living Single would ever come back, Queen Latifah responded with, “We’re actually working on it. It’s not quite there yet. But hopefully, we can get it happening,” she said. Latifah then went on to add that she would be a producer on the show and is working on getting the original cast back.

With a rise in Black cinema recently, it seems like a very ideal time for the 90s series to make a comeback for the culture. More specifics on the series still have yet to be revealed, but we’ll be waiting patiently.

Watch the full video here!

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