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Unmanned Google Car on the Road

Google, sometimes you just need to leave well enough alone. It was released that Waymo, a self-driving car company created by Google, will be pulling back their human back up driver in their self-driving car. They are going to be testing the vehicle out on public roads soon. A few months ago, Waymo tried a self-driving Chrysler Pacifica in the suburbs of Arizona. The car will have a human in the backseat, however, they will not be able to control the car. The human, a Waymo employee, will be able to stop the car with the press of a button. Critics , however, still aren’t convinced.

Waymo Chief Executive, John Krafak, announced the release of the vehicle at a conference in Portugal. He says he hopes within the next ‘few months’, these autonomous cars will be able to carry passengers. Waymo is in a race to beat out other self-driving car companies like Delphi, General Motors, Intel, Uber, Apple, and Lyft. While numerous critics believe this could be a safety hazard for other drivers; Waymo insists that the vehicle is equipped with redundant braking, steering, power, and computing systems to eliminate the need for a human driver altogether and that the vehicle’s system runs thousands of checks every second to instantly diagnose any issue the car might have.

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