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Issa Rae Stays Winning w/ 2 New Shows!

Issa Rae has two more shows on the way and we are already obsessed. Rae will serve as executive producer of “Him or Her” along with ex-Daily Show writer and Emmy-winner, Travon Free. The show is being described as a half-hour chronicle of the dating life of a bisexual black man and “the distinctly different worlds and relationships” in which such a lifestyle brings. The show is said to be based around Free’s life experiences. In 2011, Free came out as bisexual, one of the few Division I college basketball players who have come out.

Then, the next show is set in the Black Beverly Hills of Windsor Hills. ‘Sweet Life’ is a coming of age tale of the well-heeled teens growing up in the LA neighborhood. Many people feel as if it’s going to be the flip-side version of 90210.

People on social media have already hopped on this, wanting to be casted (me too!) Issa put a video on Twitter telling us to simmer down, as they aren’t even in the writing process yet. As for Insecure, season three is already in production and should be returning in the summer of 2018.

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