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Color Purple: Ms. Celie's Blues...

The greatest struggle in life, as individuals, is to find our identity as opposed to letting others identify The movie the color purple was known to be a great movie that showcases many struggles. I call this film a Rare Ruby; a classic film that will live on forever! These days most books are turned into movies, making it a bit more interesting for the audience by adding visual aids such as characters, scenery, and some of our favorite plot points. One of my favorites of all time has to be the film that personally changed my life, The Color Purple. Now why is it my favorite you ask? I'll tell you why.

The Color Purple is an American period drama film that was directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Menno Meyjes, based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name by Alice Walker. The film stars Danny Glover, Desreta Jackson, Margaret Avery, Oprah Winfrey (in her film debut), Adolph Caesar, Rae Dawn Chong, and featured Whoopi Goldberg (also in her film debut) as the protagonist, Celie Harris-Johnson. The film addresses numerous issues that we face in today's society such as: abuse, faith, love, and hate (just to name a few).

The film follows the life of a young girl named Celie, a poor and uneducated Black woman living in the South rule area of Georgia. Celie constantly writes letters to God detailing the harsh treatment she endures from her own father who continuously abuses her; eventually leading to the birth of her two children (both of which are forced from her). Celie is later forced to marry Mister, a widowed Farmer who uses her as a Caregiver to his previous children after being denied the hand of her younger sister, Nettie. He eventually goes on to separate the sisters and cuts off all communication between the two. Ultimately Celie is forced to grow up enduring even more rounds of abuse. Years go by and we are given glimpses into the lives of Cellie and those around her.

This film highlights many things that we as people, especially women, face today; including, but not limited to: abuse, poverty, racism and sexism. All of these issues were huge components in the making of such a great film. Many regard the film as one that brings sadness and disgust due to how it showcases the abuse and cruelty. Others, however, view the film as one that portrays not only perseverance but also the power of love and faith! This movie has become one of my favorites for it is a classic that shares a tale that can be retold, rescene, and revisited, multiple times over. Many of us still struggle with these same issues everyday. This movie has became an inspiration not only to me, but to many. Believe it or not there are some women who are just like Celie lacking confidence within themselves and having to endure harsh treatment from family, associates and sometimes maybe even friends.

Thank god for you Celie. Though you aren't an actual person, you're story does not portray fictional feeling at all, for it captures the strength all of us hold deep within ourselves. I would definitely recommend this film to a mature audience. The film sends great messages, yet it also contains vulgar language and scenes that are not recommended for young children. This is a film that will live on through time and of course how could I forget Mrs. Celie who is my hero and could be a hero to many others.

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