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Why the 90s Will Always Be an Iconic Era for Fashion:

No matter how often styles and trends evolve, there’s one style era that truly has the fashion industry’s heart. The 90s! We’re constantly seeing trends from this era resurrect and make their way back into the fashion scene. Whether you identify with the punk-rock movement, or more hip-hop culture such as Fresh Prince and TLC, there’s no denying the impact the 90s had on our culture.

There’s a special uniqueness about this era that cannot be topped both socially, and fashion

wise. You saw women breaking down those gender roles by wearing baggy pants and oversized jackets, making them more independent and sexually liberated. You also saw men finally gaining an interest in fashion, and identifying their personal style.

Fashion always has a way of coming full circle, reintroducing trends from all eras. But when it comes to the 90s, there’s just something about the iconic decade that we love so much. We believe it’s because of the wholesomeness and simplicity of the era. It was a time where things were a lot simpler and less complicated; not just fashion wise, but socially as well.

Many people will argue that the 90s was the best decade to be a child in. While this generation of kids focus on pop culture, and social media followers, kids in the 90s only had to worry about street lights, and catching the next episode of Fresh Prince. Because of the lack of technology during this era, fashion was highly influenced through film and the music industry. Clueless, A Different World, In Living Color, and The Nanny were just a few of the shows and films that gave us some of the best fashion looks. The 90s was also a time to remember fashion icons such as Aaliyah, Lil Kim, and Missy Elliot.

Although the 90s ended more than a decade ago, we’ve manage to hold on to the era in our own little way, and no matter how often a trend or moment from this era gets reintroduced, we will never get tired of it.

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