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Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell Call It Quits

After 27 years of marriage, “Real Husbands of Hollywood” actor Duane Martin and “Martin” actress Tisha Campbell have decided to end their relationship. Campbell made the announcement on Twitter stating that she filed for the divorce and asks for privacy for her and her family since it’s an “emotional time” The couple married in 1996 after dating for six years and have two sons together, Xen, 16, who was diagnosed with autism as a baby, and Ezekiel, 8. Allegedly, the couple has been separated since 2016, the same year they filed for bankruptcy due to their inability to agree to a settlement with the banks. Their financial troubles and busy schedules might have been a contribution to their divorce, but nobody knows the real reason why. Everytime we would see the couple they seemed happy; Tisha’s outgoing personality matching with Duane’s cool and suave personality tremendously. The only reason that we’re left to assume is that the two simply fell out of love.

Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell may no longer be involved with each other romantically, but they definitely still support each other. Recently, Duane announced new projects that both he and Tisha are set to be involved in. One being his role in new series “Bad Boys” and the other being Campbell’s collaboration with Regina King in a new crime/drama show. Duane forgot to add in the hopeful “Martin” reboot, a long overdue comeback of a hilarious sitcom starring Tisha Campbell and Martin Lawrence (we are all just waiting for the word guys).

Even though it hurts to see their marriage come to an end, it is nice to see that they’re still supporting each other rather than slandering each other like most couples going through divorce. The way they’re handling this tough time sets an example of how a divorce should be handled, especially a Hollywood divorce where your every move is in the spotlight.

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