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The Xscap3 Return!

Xscape has returned to the scene with a new EP and one less member. The EP is called Here For It and it is Xscape’s first release in the last twenty years, featuring six songs, it was released on March 2, 2018. As the group loses Kandi Buress, they also changed their name from Xscape to Xscap3, recognizing the group’s latest member change. With all of Xscap3’s most recent changes, they have also included trap beats with an R&B sound in their new EP.

Something that did not change was their soulful sound within the new EP. Rumor has it that singer-songwriter, Kandi Buress is currently starring on Broadway in Chicago. Meanwhile, the most recent trio, Tamika “Tiny” Harris, Tamika Scott, and LaTocha Scott, have continued to show their musical strength at a different capacity within the group as they are now involved in a record deal with Creative Artists Agency.

Here For It is now on Apple Music, Youtube, and other streaming outlets!


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