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One Size Fits All: Top 5 Plus Size Fashion Brands

One size fits all clothing have been very controversial in the last few years. Many feel as if it’s not inclusive and others aren’t bothered by it at all. The typical size of a one size fits all clothing is a medium. However, that leaves out many different shapes and sizes of women. The main issue of having clothing made to fit everyone is that it simply doesn’t! The only way that it would work is if every person has the same body type and of course that is not possible. People come in all different shapes and sizes like petite, plus size, big and tall, maternity, etc. Consumers are starting to prefer custom tailored clothing that fit their specific body type. The only things that are being accepted as a made for all item would be pieces such as jewelry and headgear.

Retailers are now straying away from making clothes that only fit one body type because they want to be more inclusive. In 2007, Brandy Melville, a U.K. retailer was under fire for only selling one size fits all clothing, which was labeled as a small/medium. This retailer is targeting teens and young women and decisions like this can be very detrimental to the way a young woman can view herself. When brands release collections they need to realize that being inclusive will benefit their company in so many ways than one and remember that every person isn’t the same!

Here's a list of some place that are Plus-size barbie friendly: is an online retailer based in the UK with trendy and affordable clothing that would look great on any body type. They offer all forms of plus size clothing from sexy dresses to body-hugging jeans. Boohoo is always offering discount codes on their bomb pieces. Their clothing is worth all of your coin.

Every girl knows about Fashion Nova and their curve-hugging jeans and affordable pieces. They now have a section for the plus sized divas and their pieces are just even sexier. They offer everything that any curvy queen would slay in. Not only are their pieces made for a woman with bawdy they are also for the woman who enjoys getting their coins worth.

REBDOLLS is a plus size retailer with a storefront in New York, New York. They offer clothing that is flirty and currently trending. This brand provides unapologetic fashion to women sizes 0 to 32. REBDOLLS is also a black-owned brand!

The Akiya Jeri Collection is a black-owned brand founded by Akiya Jeri Jackson. Her brand caters to women sizes XS to 3X. Her most popular items are her bawdy snatching onesies and compression leggings. Her pieces are very affordable and her customer service is amazing!

Monotiques is an online retailer that offers jeans for plus size women. They strive to make their customers feel confident, comfortable, sexy and feminine with fashionable jeans for the plus size woman! Monotiques is based in Down Town LA and they ship to all parts of the world.

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