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Broccoli Fest 2018!

On a warm D.C. day filled with, “What’s up Moe.” and smells of fried fish, Broccoli City Festival was the place to be. Broccoli Fest in the founders words is, “A social enterprise that roots itself in a triple bottom line strategy that focuses on people, planet, and profit. We are working to “redefine the cool” towards people being active and engaged participants in their community. We are creating a culture that celebrates and rewards people who are “getting active” and doing the work to make our communities healthier.” Since 2013, Broccoli fest has been filled with fun, food, education, and entertainment brought to us by celebrities, artists, and local spokespeople and business owners. This year the festival included: H.E.R., Daniel Caesar, Grits and Biscuits, Rich the Kid, HoodCelebrityy, Migos, Cardi B, Lightshow, Nipsey Hussle, and Miguel. Broccoli Fest was actually Cardi B’s last performance until she delivers her child and she killed it in her 28 inch blue wig. Miguel came out before Migos and performed songs from his latest album War and Leisure. Nipsey Hussle even came out and made a statement regarding the Kanye West situation by showing a picture the picture West had posted on twitter in his MAGA hat, followed but Nipseys song “F*** Donald Trump.” Broccoli Fest wasn’t just about the music they made sure to incorporate their message about saving the planet and “build thriving, resilient communities by improving and highlighting Environmental Justice, Economic Sustainability, Culture, Food Access, and Education in underserved communities.” Broccoli Fest is something that should be on everyone's summer festival list. Don’t worry, broccoli isn’t required.

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