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Texas School Shooting

About a week ago in Santa Fe, Texas a student released fire into a high school killing 10 people injuring 13 others. The shooter was later taken into custody and identified with the police.

Students and families of the school are still very shaken about the tragedy. Not only did the shooter create a scary environment for students, faculty and staff, but also concluded the school year on a terrible note.

Student, Dimitrios Pagourtzis allegedly is the suspect to this crime. His parents responded by claiming he is the victim rather than many lives he took and affected. This claim was made due to bullying that Pagourtzis experienced at the high school.

The Santa Fe community gathered together Wednesday on the Junior High football stadium to pray and bring high hopes to the school, and the many individuals affected by the shooting. The tragic event brings unity towards all, many still look for the proper way to grieve and to find peace. Victims in which survived still are healing physically and mentally.

Santa Fe lost ones are honored.

Santa Fe has received so much attention from famous artist and NFL players due to this tragedy.

So many lives were changed due to this event, it’ll forever have a place in their hearts even when their healing occurs.

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