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Bruce Wayne

Fetty Wap's Bruce Wayne Mixtape is a very personal and powerful Mixtape. To say the least, the Rapper released this mixtape on his 27th birthday. How powerful is that? To celebrate 27 years of life with a New Mixtape and then release it the day of your birthday. Such a powerful message behind that but more about the mixtape...

The cover art for this mixtape is the Tombstones for both of his deceased grandfathers, who played a very powerful role in his life. Many people have no clue that Fetty Wap is named after his Grandfather Willie Lee Maxwell Sr. The rapper used their tombstones for his cover art because they played such an influential role in his life before their deaths.

When many people hear "Bruce Wayne, they think of Batman the super hero's secret identity and how he patrolled and helped Gotham city. That hits home with a lot of people from Fetty's home town in Paterson, New Jersey. He is The Bruce Wayne to his City. He contributes to the needy and to the poor as much as he possibly can whether its donating clothes, money or food for families who can't afford it. The rapper definitely deserves the title Bruce Wayne for all he has done .

Bruce Wayne (Intro) So Different Strawberry Kush Look At Me Bruce Wayne

All For You Star Struck Westin What We Do Wavy Hit Some Corners

Fetty Definitely switched up his sound , to a more Natural and deeper sound. The Mixtape starts off with "Bruce Wayne (Intro)". If you listen to it , it flashes through all his old songs and how he use to sound then following up right behind that is "So Different" where I feel like the artist is introducing his new sound and also Introducing a better version of his self. I feel like Fetty came out of his box on this mixtape and I'm so excited to see what else he has coming out soon!

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