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Align With Love

Meditation Music is a body of work that is missing in the R&B industry, and Eric Bellinger is a hidden gem that should be listed in everybody’s playlist. Meditation Music was released earlier this summer but unfortunately not on every music platform. Being that the EP was lowkey, it was released through the most convenient platforms such as YouTube and Soundcloud. Though the EP's title seems as if he is channeling through a new experience, the meditation he is practicing is the time spent with his woman. This EP has a specific audience that differs from his recent album Eazy Call that dropped back in April. This EP is for the both men and women. Meditation Music first track “Meditate” gives soothing body feels that’s felt through the beat which puts the rest of the EP into perspective. The five track EP is the new version of a love story. “Chakras” will have you on a balanced high of being in love and the music makes you want to sing to your significant other. Considering that Eric Bellinger is a married man, the energy behind this album was focused in the right place. Which makes the music on this Meditation Music feel authentic and relateable. Listen below!

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